Amber + Aloe Cleaning Vinegar Spray

Vinegar Spray

Amber + Aloe

Warm + Tropical


Sparkling clean countertops are in your future, with our new vinegar and essential oil-based surface sprays.

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  • Plant-powered and effective. Cleans and refreshes household surfaces with vinegar and essential oils.
  • A lightly tropical aroma with a hint of sweetness, anchored by warming amber.
  • Signature natural fragrances with essential oils help deliver a sparkling clean experience that also smells good. Dare we say, great?
  • Free of artificial dyes, MIT/BIT, bleach, and artificial fragrance.
  • Certified vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Safe to use around kids, cats, and dogs.

Water, Caprylyl/Decyl Glucoside*, Acetic Acid (Vinegar)*, Natural Fragrance*, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid*

Natural Fragrance Ingredients: Alpha-terpineol*, Linalool*, Phenethyl alcohol*, Hydroxycitronellal*, Geraniol*, Cananga odorata (ylang ylang) flower oil*, Amyl cinnamal*, Dihydro myrcenol*, Cinnamyl alcohol*, Citrus aurantifolia (lime) peel oil*, Indole*, Methylbenzyl acetate*, Alpha-ionone*, Benzyl salicylate*, Eugenol*, Methyl benzoate*, Decanal*, Hexenyl acetate*, Octanal*, 3-hexenol*, Methyl anthralinate*, Acetophenone*, Ferula galbanifula (galbanum) resin oil*

* denotes plant-based ingredients.

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A lightly tropical aroma with a hint of sweetness, anchored by warming amber.

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